Getting you out of the
linear lock-in

About to enter the awakening zone? Urging to get out, fast and sound? Already ahead of the circular economy movement, but longing for a community and network? Whatever stage you’re at — Circularities is an Oslo based Circular Strategy Lab helping you transition from linear to circular economy.

Change management
︎ Circular innovation & business modelling
︎ Circular city & regional solutions
︎ Multi-stakeholder management

Knowledge sharing
︎ Circular economy competence
︎ R&D co-creative processes
︎ Futuring workshops
︎ Network & matchmaking
︎ Lectures & insight materials

Newsflash: Norway is currently 2,4% circular

Learning & doing

Circular Economy ABC
Awakening of The Giants
From Hope to Action

Circular economy, often referred to simply as circularity, is an economic system aimed to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. It's about taking care of nature while building sustainable business. Our domain experts are eager to help your company get #circularready through lectures, futuring workshops, circular sprints and insight materials.

Clients & projects

Circular ready?

Reach out if you are curious on how we can fast-forward you (and your business too) to a more sustainable, resource efficient and regenative state of play through a circular approach and methodology.

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CIRCULARITIES ︎︎︎ a part of Natural State AS (org nr 919 645 636)