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Change management
Circularities provides a learning mindset for a new economic system, and uses systems thinking, innovation programming and business model methodologies to help you transition from linear to circular economy.

Circular Competence
Circular economy is a set of principles that are very specific and action based. Our domain experts are eager to help your organisation, city or region get #circularready through lectures, futuring workshops, circular sprints and insight materials.

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Circular Economy ABC

Circular Economy is a set of principles that are very specific and action based, and they have existed for decades. Learn all you need to know about the past, state and possible future for the circular economy, and get thoughts on how your sector, organisation or region can start the transition to circular economy today.

Awakening of The Giants

Apple's material recovery robot Daisy can pull apart 1.2 million iPhones a year, or 200 per hour. Apple, Microsoft, Google, the EU — massive organisations are already far ahead on the transition to circularity. Learn from the big league, get insight on the new EU restrictions, and dive into future forecast on circularity.


From hope to action. Human beings have exploited nature for too long, but awareness is rising, and circular economy provides endless of growth opportunities. This action based workshop starts with one hour lecture, followed by a sprint together with your team to spark ideas on how your sector, organisation or region can take lead in the circular movement.

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