Formed in 2019, CIRCULARITIES was founded by domain expert Cathrine Barth and creative strategist Einar K. Holthe with a mission to drive change, fast. Today the team provides disruptive circular solutions and action plans that are easy to understand and easy to adopt, both personally and professionally.

Circularities Expert

Cathrine Barth
Circular Strategist

Cathrine Barth is a visionary and vocal ambassador for a future Circular Society, dedicated to work within network structures to drive the transition to a low carbon society.

Barth is a domain expert on circular economy, business development, circular design and innovation strategies. She is the co-founder of Circular Norway, co-author of The Leadership Journey for a Circular Economy (2021) and Managing Partner of Nordic Circular Hotspot.

Barth provides a learning mindset for a new economic system, and uses proven methodologies within systems design thinking, collaborative innovation programming and business model methodologies for circular development. 

Natural State Resources

Einar Holthe
Creative Strategist


Einar Kleppe Holthe is the CEO and founder of Natural State, an Oslo based studio specialised in change management and value creation.

With more than 20 years of experience in placemaking and market development, Holthe has built and realised numerous large development projects in public and private sectors, such as Innovation Cluster Arena Oslo, the international brand strategy for the City of Oslo, as well as several urban development projects.

Prior to Natural State Holthe was the CEO of Stockfleths AS for 12 years, which led him to take over, and rebrand/build, Fuglen (Oslo, Tokyo). He is also the founder of Norwegian Icons, a circular promotion program for the Norwegian furniture industry. Today Holthe is the lead strategist of Natural State and Circularities, which he co-founded with Barth earlier this year. 

Veronica Mike
Creative Director
Senior Advisor

Veronica Mike is a creative director specialized in brand strategy and storytelling. She holds a BA in Art Direction and previous Chief Editor and CD at Oslo-based ANTI, where she founded design magazine A New Type of Imprint (Best Design Media 2018).

Mike is an engaged creative, she has received several awards and nominations for her work, represents Norway as a juror in two international design awards and is a frequent keynote lecturer on design and creative thinking. Since 2018 Mike has been working as an independent creative consultant in New York City and Oslo, only to recently become the creative director and senior advisor at Natural State.

Martin Hagen

Martin Hagen is a creative coordinator passionate about sustainable development, placemaking and community building. With a background in sustainable economics from NMBU, and leadership experience from Emergence School of Leadership and Forsvaret (the Norwegian Armed Forces), Hagen brings a wide strategic perspective and solid coordination to all his projects. Prior to Natural State Hagen worked as a project manager at Måløy Vekst (Måløy Growth), tourism manager at Opplev Måløy (Experience Måløy), and he was involved in the development of research facility MMR Ocean Blue.

In 2018 Hagen joined Natural State as a project coordinator and community manager of Gamlebyen Loft, working with holistic projects like Hamar City Development, Urban Future Global Conference, Tårnet Culture Arena, IFLA World Congress, Development of Gamlebyen Loft 3, future scenario strategy for Posten 2040 and Nordic Circular Hotspot.

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Circular economy, often referred to simply as circularity, is an economic system aimed to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. It's about taking care of nature while building sustainable business. Our domain experts are eager to help your company get #circularready through lectures, futuring workshops, circular sprints and insight materials.

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